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Team UK Baseball to launch National u10s development programme

Following an almost two year hiatus, the Team UK programme is looking to reboot in 2022 with the launch of a new organic National u10s development programme, focussing on attracting new players to the sport of baseball.

Team UK General Manager Matt Crawshaw explains more "Covid has affected us in so many ways since early 2020. Firstly, the majority of the players we were working with on our programme have aged-out and will sadly miss out on the opportunity to participate in international competition with us. Secondly, as we weren't able to run our indoor Academy last winter due to government restrictions, our pipeline of players has dried up meaning we have to look at starting from scratch attracting new players to baseball. Finally, the outlook for international travel remains somewhat uncertain and we would prefer to see the SuperCup tournament (or other similar international tournaments) up and running for at least one year before we re-embark on international travel."

He adds "This gives us a great opportunity to focus on recruitment and development during 2022 and our goal would be to support growth in youth baseball across all corners of the country, not just London and the South."

The Mission

  • Launch a network of Academies in 6 regional locations during the Spring and Summer months of 2022

  • Partner with local clubs and coaches to focus on recruitment, delivery and development

  • Focus specifically on the recruitment of boys and girls in the u10 age group

  • Participation in three core versions of baseball: Tee-Ball, Coaches Pitch and Baseball5 with standardised rules etc.

The Vision

  • Academies located in 6 core development areas, namely 1) Scotland, 2) South Wales 3) South West 4) North 5) Midlands 6) Home Counties

  • Academy sessions held once a month between April and September ie 6 outdoor sessions during Spring and Summer

  • End of season competition with tournaments for Tee-Ball, Coaches Pitch and Baseball5

  • Team UK indoor Academy relaunch winter 2022

  • Return to international competition 2023

  • 2024 onwards - international tournaments for Tee-Ball, Coaches Pitch and Baseball5 hosted in the UK


  • Youth coaches across the country who want to assist in building this vision are urged to get in touch at the earliest opportuntiy

  • We will be holding a webinar in November to discuss a co-ordinated approach to strategy and then agree next steps on delivery

Register your interest here!

We will be back in touch towards the end of October to organise our first webinar.

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